The Budget Candle

I will admit that aside from makeup and skin care products, another blossoming obsession of mine is candles. Unfortunately I skated right past the pound shop tea light phase and went straight to the luxury offerings.

First it started with the Diptyque bunch, I have happily burned my way through both Baies and Figuier, and boy are they good! The subtle but encompassing scents which fill the whole house is amazing for candles that burn so slowly. Despite my love for Figuier in particularly, I just couldn’t bring myself to part with 40 big ones for something I effectively just.. burn. But when I’m rich (read: not a student) Ambre and Mimosa, I’m looking at you.

But, amazingly, I’ve fallen in love with a more budget friendly brand. DW Home create really interesting candles with intricate blends of scents. My favourite (pictured above) is “Auto Shop Noir” – a dark and smokey blend of warm tobacco leaves and fresh vetiver with a subtle hint of woodsy white oak and fragrant sandalwood. It is beautiful. Musky and dark and warm, perhaps a perfect one for the colder months, but its just too lovely to save for so long. At £5.99 from my local TK Maxx it’s a steal! So much so that I bought three! Keep an eye out for a review of the other two soon.