The New Scent

For those longing for springtime, Diptyque has launched it’s newest scent, Florabellio – a fragment of nostalgia.
Inside the time-honoured Parisian chic bottle, is an essence that houses so many layers. A primarily floral fragrance develops into a warm, musky scent with a a flavourful bite, the earthiness of which mirrors the atmospheric tableaux of Weifenbach.

This is a floral trail, blurring the perspectives between land and sea, flower and fruit, softness and bitterness… the senses are led towards far-off coastlines.

Featuring notes of sea fennel, salty sea spray ( top notes), apple blossom, osmanthus (heart notes), roasted coffee, and toasted sesame (base notes). The eau de toilette evokes a living fragrance depicting Diptyque’s Founder Christiane Gautrot’s travels, and inspired by the impressionistic nature photography of Terri Weifenbach. The scent is designed to allow a glimpse of a path that leads from the woods to the beach shore.

Florabellio has been released exclusively to SpaceNK, but will be available to buy in Selfridges, and John Lewis in May.

Happy Easter!


Everyone’s Favourite Scent

The little Vietnamese seaside resort of Do Son is the inspiration for this sweet floral fragrance that is fresh and mysterious, warm and bright.
From the legendary French perfume house, Diptyque, Do Son is worn and adored by both women and men. This exquisite fragrance is one of my personal favourites, it’s sophisticated and sweet at the same time.

My favorite part about Do Son (other than the smell) is the description that Diptyque has on their site. It goes a little something like: “Relief from the sweltering climate, a pagoda on the shores of Ha Long Bay, where trade winds tenderly caress the flowers. A name that sings, undulating like waves upon a beach. Do Son is an eau de toilette rich with contrast, exuding the fresh, intoxicating sensuality of tuberose.”

And if that doesn’t make you at least a little intrigued about Do Son, I’m not sure what will. Pop into your nearest Diptyque and let your nose do all the work. Oh, and let me know your favorite Diptyque scents!

What I Love This Week (8)

Diptyque Philosykos – Philosykos, which in Greek means “friend of the fig tree,” is an ode to the entire tree: the green, pungent freshness of the leaves, the wood warmed in the sun, the milky flavour of the fruit – and it’s gorgeous.

Results Day – I can happily say that I passed my second year of University with flying colours and I’ve never been so pleased with myself. I feel like the hours and hours of revising and panicking with my housemates has actually paid off! Well done to everyone that’s received their results around this time! Lets go out and enjoy ourselves! We deserve it!

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection – Kate Upton is the face of the Summer 2014 makeup collection that has been released by Bobbi Brown earlier this month. ‘Surf and Sand’ features a beach fragrance, two eyeshadow palettes, four limited edition sheer lip colours, two brightening blushes, a cream shadow stick, and two limited edition eyeliner shades. All of which are divine!

Relaxing – Just look at that dog… well that has been me after work – Every. Single. Day. #sorryimnotsorry.

Anna from VDM’s Malta Get Ready With Me and Outfit – This, like all of Anna’s vlog’s and videos was a corker to watch. It made me super jealous of her mini break, her outfit, and her legs. Enter the two Anna enabled purchases:

Petite Casual Drape Front Blouse – £34 – Topshop – This white 3/4 length sleeve drape blouse is gorgeous, it’s flattering and forgiving all in one go. There’s not much more you could want for a summer time shirt, plus it looks super gorge on Anna!

Tall Embroidered A-Line Skirt – £38 – Topshop –  This red embroidered front a-line skirt is absolutely ideal for the summer, and will look gorgeous with a tan – which is exactly why I thought it would be great to take on holiday! It’d not too short, yet not too long, flattering, comfortable and all round gorgeous.

Oversize Kimono in Floral Print – £40 – ASOS – This is a gorgeous addition to any outfit! I’m loving kimono’s and they’re really hot right now. So jump on the back of the trend with this lovely lightweight one from ASOS and you won’t be disappointed!

Twisted Leather Clutch Bag – £35 – Topshop – This leather clutch bag has a detachable cross body strap for convenience and a twisted front panel detail on the front for added pizaz! This is roomy but compact and it the right level of interesting to pair with any outfit. Expect a detailed post on clutch bags to appear around these parts soon!

Hope you’ve all had a good week!

The Budget Candle

I will admit that aside from makeup and skin care products, another blossoming obsession of mine is candles. Unfortunately I skated right past the pound shop tea light phase and went straight to the luxury offerings.

First it started with the Diptyque bunch, I have happily burned my way through both Baies and Figuier, and boy are they good! The subtle but encompassing scents which fill the whole house is amazing for candles that burn so slowly. Despite my love for Figuier in particularly, I just couldn’t bring myself to part with 40 big ones for something I effectively just.. burn. But when I’m rich (read: not a student) Ambre and Mimosa, I’m looking at you.

But, amazingly, I’ve fallen in love with a more budget friendly brand. DW Home create really interesting candles with intricate blends of scents. My favourite (pictured above) is “Auto Shop Noir” – a dark and smokey blend of warm tobacco leaves and fresh vetiver with a subtle hint of woodsy white oak and fragrant sandalwood. It is beautiful. Musky and dark and warm, perhaps a perfect one for the colder months, but its just too lovely to save for so long. At £5.99 from my local TK Maxx it’s a steal! So much so that I bought three! Keep an eye out for a review of the other two soon.