My MAC Problem

I’ve spoken about my MAC eyeshadow obsession, now who’d have thought it stretched all the way through to their lipsticks too? Not I! *hangs head in shame*

Left to Right
The Bold Lip: Diva (matte) – An ‘intense reddish-burgundy’ shade that brings the wow factor. I love a matte bold lip – and I like to bring this one out on nights out with the girls, it suits my olive complexion and enhances the green in my eyes (makes my teeth look whiter too) – it’s all good. It’s super long wearing, and looks equally good patted lightly on to the lips as it does applied straight from the bullet. But beware of the drying formula, this one seriously sucks the moisture out of your lips, so the best thing is to apply a bit of balm pre application to keep things a bit more moisturised. I’d advise getting the lip scrub out before you apply this one too, clings to dry patches like hell.

The Nostalgic Lip: Viva Glam 3 (matte) – Back in the day I had my first ever MAC purchase, and it was a blush. And I’m so mad that I can’t remember the shade of it! I can’t wait to get home for easter so I can have a rummage around to find it (I’ll keep you posted). Anyway… I do a strange thing with all of my blushes, I like to apply them to my lips (mixed with a bit of balm) and I know I shouldn’t, because as soon as I do, I fall madly in love with them as a lip shade, and can never ever find an exact match(!) – can you sense my frustration?! So you get the picture, this MAC blush because my favourite lip colour ever, a dark, pinky brown red, it was sophisticated and grown up and I loved it. So armed with my blush and the little tin that I mixed the balm into I went to the MAC counter and got the lady to find me a similar shade. She seemed both amazed and horrified at my beauty experiment, but found me a dupe, and I left, Viva Glam 3 in hand and a big grin on my face. A muted brownish-plum. Shame I don’t wear it much anymore!! ;)

The one I don’t know if I like: Craving (amplified) – An amplified creme finish which is really pigmented and has the long lasting power without the drying effect, tick, tick, tick. But the colour? Meh . It is described as a ‘burst of plum’ with warm pink undertones which is actually quite dark on first application. I like it, but I don’t love it. There’s just something about it, I feel like if I had brown eyes, then it would probably work, but with pale green, not so much.

The First Repurchase: Creme in Your Coffee (cremesheen) – Now if you’d have have asked me 6 months ago what my favourite lipstick in the world was, this would’ve been it. A creamy mid-toned pink brown that I wore every single day, and sometimes still do. It’s gorgeous, it has the staying power of a god, and imparts the nicest ‘my lips but better’ wash of colour ever. It was, and still is my first ever lipstick repurchase, so it will always hold a place in my heart, but now, enter Bobbi Brown ‘Brownie’ – it’s a straight up dupe, but matte. And you know how I feel about matte. Sold.

The Pink Lip: Brave (satin) – A pink-beige with white pearl satin lipstick that really doesn’t get as much love as it should in my collection. It’s basically matte, which I love, and even though it’s a bit drying, you still get the moisture of a satin finish. Now don’t be put off by the ‘white pearl’ description, it’s not a hideous 80’s frost by any stretch, more an added dimension to the shade that prevents it from looking flat. It does lean fairly cool in tone and is tinged with brown making it great for medium complexions, and one I would mark to be a fab everyday muted shade. See above regarding the lip scrub – flakey and crumbly is not chic.

The Standard Lip: Patisserie (lustre) – A sheer creamy neutral pink, one of which I’ve already raved about here in my first ever post, I’ll spare you the repeat and just let you check it out for yourselves if you haven’t already!

The Naked Lip: Naked Bud (lustre) – Described as a ‘neutral sheer nude’ from the recent “A Fantasy of Flowers” launch. It’s a light peachy-beige with a golden sheen to it. Unfortunately this isn’t a total winner for me, I love the colour, it’s perfect for everyday wear, but I’d love it even more if it lasted longer than a half hour. It also sinks into the creases a lot, which isn’t pretty! But none the less, it’s a beautiful colour which would suit all skin tones, especially the warmer ones of the bunch.

I’m concerned that I have MAC 7 lipsticks, not only because it’s a fraction of my overall lipstick collection, but because it just doesn’t seem enough (!). I have a lot of love for MAC’s lipstick offerings, so much so that if i’m having a bad day, I magically find myself at the MAC counter swatching up my entire arm of colours that I have to have. My current wish list includes: Ruby Woo, Peach Blossom, Neon Orange, Cherry Lip Pencil and Dubonnet.

And… breath