CC cream

Fallen off the track…

After a rather long absence I’ve mustered up enough creativity (and energy) to tell you about a product that I’ve been absolutely loving recently. It comes from Estee Lauder in the form of their Supreme Revitalizing CC Cream – this sits within Estee Lauder’s anti-ageing line Revitalizing Supreme and promises to even out the complexion, deeply hydrate and pack a serious anti-ageing punch. It offers all the benefits of the anti-ageing Supreme Revitalizing cream which works on lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and dehydration, plus Colour Correction (CC) using micro-pigments that adapt to your skin tone.

The CC Cream comes out grey and when you blend it in to the skin the micro pigments activate and the colour adapts to your skin tone delivering a lovely, light and glowy coverage that really enhances the overall look of your complexion. Pumped with Hyaluronic Acid, SPF 10 and a formula that leaves the skin moisturised, but comfortably so, I’ve been using this as the last step in my morning skincare routine, straight after serum.

I absolutely love the finish. On good skin days I would use this alone and if I needed more coverage it would make the perfect primer for foundation and I’d need only the lightest touch to thoroughly perfect the appearance of my skin. And all the while Estee Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme anti-ageing ingredients are doing their work!

It is an instant hit with me. I love the look and the feel is so nice – really comforting, hydrating and plumping – with all the skincare benefits I could possibly need.

The downside? The price. At £40 a tube it’s not exactly purse-friendly and I have to admit that I don’t think it’s going to last me long either.

A CC love? Who’d have thought it.