Autumn Outfit Edit – Monday

Yes it’s that time again. It’s finally starting to feel like Autumn is here – so this week I’ll be giving you a look into the garb I’ll be donning for the season ahead. Do I have any idea what I’m talking about? No. Is everything Zara? Three out of five products mentioned are, so it’s got the monopoly, again. Is everything monochrome? Do I even need to answer that question? It’s standard stuff from me as always – no surprises here. But there is a rather comfy knit that I haven’t managed to peel off since purchase, a pair of boots that look killer without actually being killer and coats that quite honestly, go down as beingg the best coats ever. Yup, ever. Every day this week you’ll be able to sample my autumn style staples. Oh and I managed to sneak a candle in there so maybe I didn’t shun beauty completely.

Zara Structured CoatGrey – This coat takes the position of my navy blue Zara coat I had last year. Is it the same style? Yes. Do I need it? No. But does it look amazing? Yes. This style of coat is flattering on everyone and it’s the right thickness to do both the sunny Autumn days and the crisp Autumn mornings.

Zara Silk OvershirtNavy Blue – This is perhaps my favourite shirt of all. Yes, this is not the most colourful item in the world, but it’s chic, silky and elegant – and I love it.

Zara Skinny Jeans – There’s nothing like dressing down a shirt with jeans, and this pair from Zara are just gorgeous.

Zara Embossed Leather Blutcher Shoes – Autumn calls for sturdier footwear, and I’m easing myself in with a par of these Blutcher shoes from Zara (sorry). Elegant and timeless, these will transition nicely into winter too and will go with near enough everything!

Larsson and Jennings Lader WatchBrown – This may or may not be something I’ll be stealing from the boyfriend’s collection, as I bought him this watch for Christmas last year. It’s the right size to be unisex and looks lovely with a nice silky shirt.

Check back tomorrow for Tuesday’s Autumn Outfit!


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