MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows

A new generation of texture, this buoyant, spongy formula provides coverage, colour and wear with a unique, flawless finish. The formula builds seamless coverage without heaviness or caking. Creamy to the touch and easy to apply and blend. Provides medium to buildable coverage for a soft wash of pearl or a vibrant pop of colour.

MAC dubs these as a lightweight formula with “electrifying pigment”. Most will find that these are a little too sheer and too shimmery for their liking. I always thought the Electric Cool formula was more about a color wash with a ton of sparkle versus the incredible pigment that MAC says they have. They have a sponge clay-like texture with a nice bouncy formula that feels creamy.

It’s like a really spongey cream that bounces back at you – weird, but wonderful and a true cream to powder finish. Enjoyable texture aside, the formula is a nice addition to the MAC range. It’s quite heavy on the shimmer but blends out nicely and lasts well (with a primer underneath). I have the shade Superwatt which sits in the taupe family, but I think Coil – a reddy copper – may be next on my shopping list. Unfortunately they’re making a limited edition fleeting appearance as part of the ‘A Novel Romance’ collection, so if you want to go and check them out, I suggest going ASAP.

I can see that these are really going to fly off the shelves!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.23.47


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