Bourjois Rough Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick

Prepare for some serious raving here because ladies and gents I think I’ve found one of my favourite launches from this year to date. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks. Now this may not be a revolutionary product, but Bourjois have stepped up and produces a kick ass formula that may or may not be my favourite of the bunch – with an eight-strong liquid lipstick line-up that delivers opaque colour in one quick sweep.

Now one thing to note is, that with this range you’ve really got to go bold or go home. The paler, nuder colours of the bunch didn’t really hit the spot for me, with some being borderline patchy – but the bold shades, oh my…

The name is a little deceiving as ‘velvet’ suggests a lighter finish, but let me tell you that once these have dried down they are full on mattes with an almost powdery finish. I love ‘em. Now where these win over previous formulas I’ve tried (Hourglass Opaque Rouge I’m looking at you) is that layering is not a problem. You can throw on as many coats as you like and things will never get flakey and messy.

The best bit is that these stains do not budge. Through eating, drinking, chatting, shopping, these really stay put. Not just an awful outline left, but the whole thing. The only negative… removal. This stuff is hard to remove, but that’s because it’s so darn good at it’s job. Top marks.

Like I said, skip the nudes and head straight for the brights. At £8.99 a pop, you’re in for a bargain.

My favourite… Grand Cru – a dark burgundy red.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.13.01


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