A New Introduction

The past couple of weeks have been very exciting – we’ve been prepping for a new arrival – and after what’s seemed like months of waiting, yesterday we packed up and set off down south to collect our exciting little bundle.

We haven’t had a dog for just over 2 years; it was a big decision to make, but one that we’re very happy we did. Teddy is a Pug; his mum and dad were both black pugs, so naturally Teddy is black too, but he does have a little white neck stripe – he’s just so cute and small.

We toyed around with a couple of names before we met him. Originally he was Milo, but when we were driving him home he just wasn’t a Milo to us… so on the drive back home we flirted with a lot of different names, but finally settled with Teddy.

I’m absolutely in love with him already, and I’m so sad to be moving back to uni and leaving my mum and brother to settle him in. But he’ll still be there when I get back – and I’m sure mum will bring him up to visit too. He’s already gotten so big since the first time we met him, so I can’t begin to imagine how big he’ll be when I see him next!

Hopefully they’ll keep me updated with regular pictures – so I can update all of you lot too!


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