The Ultimate Sculpting Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit

This palette of six sculpting and highlighting powders has caused a cyber-space furore, but don’t worry lovers, now you too can be the proud owner of razor-sharp cheekbones (I can hear the supermodels quaking in their stilettos). With both matte and sateen textures, this pro palette is perfect for emphasising your assets – eyes, cheekbones, nose and jawline – creating believably natural, grey-toned shadows where you want them, and exaggerating the ‘3D’ quality of your features. From chiselling cheeks to streamlining larger-than-you’d-like noses, it’s a make-up maven must-have!

The formula of the matte shades runs very smooth, they’re pigmented but not scarily so – and they’re really blendable too. Starting at the top right we have the matte baby pink along with the matte yellow – I’ve been using these under my eyes to set concealer and brighten up the face. They’re exactly what I’ve been looking for as something like a normal setting powder is too heavy under the eyes and starts to crease, plus my normal setting powder looks too dark under my eye area. There’s one shimmer shade at the top left which isn’t my favourite, it’s quite frosty and I far prefer my shimmer highlighters to be on the golden side.

Onto the contour row, the left and middle shades are the cool tones of the three, especially the middle. These are what you’d look to to create a fake shadow and really enhance the cheekbone. I’ve been using them with a smaller brush and just placing the product in the hollows of my cheekbones. The shade to the far right acts as a bronzer, warm and subtle, so I like to take a big fluffy brush and sweep this along my temples and down my cheeks.

All in all the best contour palette out there. And with the option to switch out the shades with the shades in the contour book it’s customisable too! 

With this palette you can contour like a pro – it contains six shades of neutral shadow, to help you put your best face forward. For contouring newbies, the premise is to create depth by ‘colouring in’ shadows, then brightening the ‘high points’ of your face where light would naturally strike – cheeks, chin, forehead and bridge of the nose.

Celebrities rely heavily on contouring to help them look younger, leaner and more ‘cheek-boned’ in photographs. You wouldn’t believe the difference just a little bit of artful contour application can achieve –defining, streamlining and creating the illusion of perfect symmetry. Get practising girls, this is one craze that’s certainly here to stay…



  1. This is totally on my list if I ever put together a freelance makeup kit! It’s hard to find cooler toned contour shades since so many of us use bronzer for a double duty product (hey, it’s faster and cheaper for a semi-contoured look!).

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