Iced Coffee – Breakfast Style

Breakfast time is always the worst – finding something that satisfies my taste buds as well as my stomach is always a difficult task. But I think I may have cracked it: Banana blended with iced coffee… I know, it sounds vile, looks vile, and many of you probably think the whole concept is vile, but stick with me, because it’s seriously good.

Think, Starbucks Frappuccino but a healthier, banana version. It was only recently that the idea came to me, whilst perusing said coffee shop and noticing their new Banana cream beverage – to be honest, I’m practically already consuming banana and coffee 4 days out of 7, the items just enter separately and are mixed post consumption. Think of the bananas as a natural sweetener for the coffee, substituting for the sugar substitutes. In the morning I want a drink with substance – with the necessary components – caffeine and vitamins, proteins, nutrition, etc…

What you’ll need…
– Sliced Frozen Bananas (or ice cubes, with fresh chopped up banana)
– A shot of coffee concentrate (or DIY – whip up some fresh coffee and reserve a shot for this drink)
– A spoonful of cacao powder (the chocolates plays off the coffee flavour, making it all a bit more milkshake) – raw cacao has many brain boosting ingredients!
– Milk (I personally prefer unsweetened almond milk but whatever takes your fancy – any will do)
– Here you can get creative… you could add: a handful of raw spinach, blueberries, loose the cacao if chocolate’s not your thing – the world is your oyster…

How to do it…
– Bung all ingredients into a blender and whiz up to desired consistency; adding milk or ice to thin or thicken.

It’s not exactly ground breaking, but all blended together it’s actually really tasty, filling and handy for someone on the go. Just don’t go asking your nearest barista to throw in a banana to your iced mocha frappe… she’ll probably say no.


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