Moving Back – The Luxuries

So yesterday’s post covered all the basic bumpfh I managed to squeeze into my lovely little attic room in my new house – today I’m going to focus on the more ‘luxury’ items I picked up and give you a little insight into how I made my room feel more ‘mine’.

Finishing touches include the boring things like a waste paper bin, a lamp, a mirror and filing stationary – don’t worry. I won’t bore you with that. Instead I thought I’d focus on the more interesting things, like home décor.

Let’s go through bit by bit:

The Bed – Here we’re looking at the big guns. I love bedding. I may or may not have 5 different bedding options for this year’s room. Crazy, I know. But the choice was just too much to handle – and eventually I decided that three new sets needed to be added to the pack. Last year I had two different bedsets that I interchanged regularly – both were grey/silver/duck egg blue toned, and they looked lovely with the big chunky curtain I had covering the front door in my room at the time. Both bedsets were old ones from John Lewis and Waitrose I think, and still look lovely. But I decided this year I needed a bit of a change – and went for one safe, and two ‘out-there’ options to throw into the mix. The safe option came from Tesco, and is a lovely navy and white striped set that looks effortless and chick, paired with a white throw and my pink and grey cushions looks lovely. The two bolder options came from IKEA, one of which is white and orange and instantly pep’s up the room and the other is… well it’s my favourite. I first fell in love when I saw it on essiebutton’s bed, and now it’s mine! It’s a base grey toned set with pastel coloured lines all over it. Sounds horrid. But trust me, it looks lovely. See it in action here if you don’t believe me! All bedsets go brilliantly with the cushions I’ve had since first year, see here, here and here.

The Desk – Basic study accessories are a must – but they’re not exciting. On my desk I’ve got this lovely silver/chrome lamp, a large freestanding mirror, a carafe, a pen pot, post-it notes, a calendar and my files. I want to get a little set of three cacti to put on my desk but I might think better of it in a few weeks. Think I might invest in a printer too!

The Stationary – This is the stuff I live for! I love the time when it comes to getting new stationary. But wow, I could spend a small fortune on the stuff. What with going into my last year, I’m determined to get more organised with my notes and files. To help with this I’ve gone for some rather simple, but colour co-ordinated notebooks, so I can have a different colour for each module, with corresponding files, and a big notepad and file for my dissertation work. Gosh, things are getting serious up in here. To bring it down a notch I’ve gone for a pretty organiser, a calendar, and some lovely colourful pens!

The Bathroom – I love buying matching homeware’s, so this is where things get exciting for me. For a bath mat, I went for this stripy number from IKEA, and this lovely one from H&M Home. To go with them I went for these towels, again from IKEA, and H&M Home. My bathroom bin was covered in yesterdays post. This storage basket takes care of housing towels and flannels, the draws take care of my toiletries, this shower hanger is pretty pointless, but will probably hold some of my everyday toiletries and these little trinkets house things like cotton pads, toothbrushes, soap and other general things.

The Walls – Last year and the year before I’ve been accustomed to sticking up lots of pictures of my and my friends having fun and looking glam, but this year I’ve decided against it. I’ve gone for a cleaner, fresher look for the walls and have instead opted to hang this large mirror, and these two framed prints. Overall I think it looks great. Around my desk area I may be persuaded to put out some pictures here and there, or stick up some funky postcards or posters, but for now… things are looking pretty clean.

The Kitchen – Forget the big stuff, this was all taken care of in years 1 and 2. This year I’ve added to my stash. I’ve upped my glass collection, opting for these cool tumblers, large wine glasses, mugs, and a sleek cafetiere. Other kitchen bits come in the form of these little bowls, trays, storage tins, and two herb plants that my mum bought me – I have two potted lavender and rosemary plants.

What do you think? Have I missed anything out?


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