Moving Back – The Basics

It’s that time of year again – many of you might have that fresher feeling, nervous, excited, apprehensive… but not me. I’m in the third year swing of it– and moving back to uni is less daunting and more ‘normal’ really. Last weekend I packed my life up into the car and headed up the A1 to Newcastle. It’s becoming more regimented each time – I’ve found new ways to pack everything into boxes and have become really good at folding all my clothes. Even though this is the third time I’ve moved back, it still feels a little strange to come home and see a bare bedroom. Though I actually enjoy setting up my new room, making it homely and nice, and really… there’s nothing I love more than a trip to IKEA. Which is precisely where we went last weekend. Three times.

My bedroom came with a double bed, a bedside table, a single wardrobe and a chest of draws. It also has an en-suite bathroom which has a double shower, toilet, sink and heated towel rail. It’s all very posh, and I love it. But really, it doesn’t feel like ‘mine’ yet… so that’s something I spent the weekend doing. The first and most important thing I wanted to address was the desk, or lack of. I settled for this 2 draw sleek, long desk from IKEA which does a good job of brightening up the room a whole load. Paired with this black desk chair it looks like I’ve got a winning combination – lets hope it has that effect on my work too!

I decided to ditch the chest of draws and got the housing agency to come and take them away. Although the extra space would’ve been nice, they took up a lot of room, and because they were dark wood – they made the room look much darker too. So with just the single wardrobe to play with I started to panic about clothing storage, so I decided to pick up this rail from IKEA and got one of the storage hangers to go with it. It looks much better than I imagined it to, and it gives me the option to hang more of my clothes up neatly.

As a replacement for the chest of draws I brought along my box storage unit from home that was again… from IKEA, and houses 4 storage boxes that I can store either surplus clothes, bags, shoes or books in. They’re quite sleek and inoffensive and best of all, don’t take up much room. My room is in the attic, so I have a sloping roof to deal with, and luckily this little box set fits brilliantly in the smaller end of the room.

To go with my desk I decided to get some little draws for storing my work in – this little set is so cute, and fantastically easy to put up! It’s made out of metal sheets that you just bend to make the draws and frame. Simple and easy! Unfortunately it doesn’t quite fit under my desk like I’d hoped, but it does look pretty good next to it – and that’d good enough for me.

For my bathroom I decided all I really needed was a bathroom bin, and a storage solution for my toiletries – for that I looked to (yep you guessed it) IKEA, and went for this little set of 2 draws, which I think it described as a bedside table, but it does the job, and fits under my floating sink thing perfectly.

In terms of sprucing things up, you’ll need to check back here tomorrow for the more interesting, home decoration centred post!


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