EVE LOM – New In

EVE LOM Light Illusion Concealer£30 – This beauty hides imperfections, fine lines and tiredness instantly, whilst hydrating and brightening the under eye area. Whilst using this, my skin appeared naturally illuminated and dark circles were erased. In this product, fruit stem cell extracts deliver deep-down moisture and help preserve suppleness and elasticity, and an illuminating white tea extract packed with vitamins, minerals, caffeine and essential oils helps boost circulation. The result? Perfected, protected, luminescent skin in an easy-to-use clickable pen.

If we want to get scientific up in here then moisturising BerryFlux Vita™ stimulates the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid to lock in hydration. Rich in antioxidants, it strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, and helps preserve collagen and elastin for suppleness and tone. Illuminating White Tea Extract is hand-harvested in the Fujian province Zheng Huo, and used for its antioxidant, skin-reviving properties. Containing caffeine, vitamins, minerals and essential oils, it helps to boost the circulation, pepping-up and reinvigorating tired, stressed complexions.

In terms of the benefits of this product, it offers a light to medium coverage that hides both imperfections and fine lines all whilst brightening tired complexions, creating a second-skin effect and naturally luminous finish. The shade range is ok, I would say it was expansive enough to suit everyone’s needs but the 6 strong shade range is good as a start up.


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