I don’t think there’s a luxer lipstick offering out there than Tom Ford.

Sleek formulas, in on-point shades that you just can’t walk past without having a cheeky swatch of and all wrapped up in packaging that’s almost too swish to store away. It bothers me greatly to part with that much cash on just one item, but with TF Lipsticks it’s just hard to say no. They’re seriously on-point with so many of my lipstick requirements, (1) a good formula (2) creamy (3) sleek packaging and finally (4) no funky smell. The icing on the cake comes in the form of an embossed TF logo on the lipstick, almost making it too difficult to use without ruining its beauty – but I digress.

The focus of this post come in the form of a shade perfect for adding barely-there daytime definition…

Tom Ford Lip Colour in Spanish Pink – It may not look much in the tube – but that’s the whole point. Spanish Pink falls into the cliché ‘My Lips But Better’ category, or M.L.B.B as it is more widely known. A slightly more pinky version of MAC’s Patisserie, lets think a hybrid between Patisserie, Nude Bud and Peach Blossom; It’s creamy, shimmer free and can be built up to an opaque layer of colour or dabbed on for a more subtle wash. I would describe this as a light peachy-pink shade with a tiny almost-nonexistent hint of sparkle.

Are there a million and one other shades out there that perform the aforementioned functions? Yes. But are there any others that make you want to don a tailored suit, shake out your hair and dose yourself in a musky fragrance à la the Tom Ford woman? No I think not.


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