SARAH CHAPMAN Morning Facial

Enter the most recent thing to drop in the Sarah Chapman Skincare range: the Morning Facial. A morning wake-up call to get up and glow. Suitable for all skin types this supercharged serum-oil delivers intense and long lasting skin plumping, hydration and radiance, resulting in more youthful looking skin and a day long ‘post facial glow’.

Morning Facial is cleverly formulated to intensely hydrate, boost radiance and plump fine lines every morning. The potent actives also protect the skin barrier from environmental toxins and fight off the daily assaults of pollution and inflammation. The easily absorbed formula regulates sebum production leaving no shiny surface residue. High-performance actives effectively increase skin firmness and elasticity whilst visibly smoothing fine lines… And don’t worry, because Sarah has ensured this easily absorbed, perfect for daytime formula regulates sebum production, leaving no shiny surface residue, just an enviable instant glow.

How to use it…

For instant radiance smooth a few drops over or under your day cream every morning. Pat sparingly over make-up as an ‘anytime’ wake-up call.

What are the results…

As with all Skinesis products Morning Facial is concentrated with highly active ingredients at optimum levels. Plumping Juvinity™, wrinkle fighting Collageneer®, brightening TIMECODE™, anti-oxidant Kalpariane® and hydrating Argan Oil combine to miraculously restore glow to tired, thirsty, stressed-out or ageing skin. Meanwhile the heavenly scent of jasmine and neroli refreshes tired faces and soporific spirits.

I’m currently trailing this product and will be back soon with a more personal experience style review.


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