What’s In My Travel Bag?

I’m itching with excitement whilst tapping out this post… I’m going on holiday soon! So what better time to introduce you to my in-flight travel essentials – a “What’s In My Travel Bag” if you will. I recon I have a few tips, tricks and must-packs to share. Be warned that I am the type of person who is convinced that their luggage is going to get lost so don’t judge the amount of stuff I pack!

The BagLulu Guinness Lulu Lips Purple 55cm 4 Wheel Case – This case is my favourite hand luggage option to date. It’s beautiful and lightweight and it adds instant glamour to any airport outfit.

The Beauty Bag – Check out my In-Flight Beauty Regime post to find out what beauty bits I like to pack in my carry-on case. Just remember the regulations limit you to 100ml bottles/tubs and you can only have 10 of those – a litre in total.

The Travel Pack – Please enter the granny in me. This is the ‘just in case’ pack that I always travel with. In here is: paracetamol, antihistamines, eyedrops, my contact lens kit, tissues, ear plugs and mints for pressure problems, sleep mask, hair ties, roll on mini deodorant, wipes, hair brush, mini toothbrush and toothpaste.

Sunglasses – For obvious reasons. To pop on when you reach the sunnier destination and to hide the dark circles caused by sleepless plane journeys.

Headphones – Frends Rose Gold Layla Headphones – For when I want to watch numerous episodes of The OC or Pretty Little Liars.

Purse – £ and € this time. But it’s dependent upon destination. Obvious things like my European Health Insurance Card and bank card get thrown in too.

Passport – For obvious reasons. Mine’s housed in the beautiful leather passport holder from & Other Stories.

Computer/iPad with Charger/Portable Charger – This time I think I’m going to take my iPad and leave my computer at home. It might be difficult… but sometimes it’s got to be down.


Socks – In case my feet get cold. Which they always do on flights!

Water – Hydration is key on flights… read more about this here.

Snacks – Clif Bars. Oh my word – these are good. The White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut ones are my favourite – and they’re just the right size to lug around with you.

Check back soon for more holiday related content…



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