What I Love This Week (10)

Another week, another WILTW post. Number 10 to be exact.

Here are a few things that I’ve been loving this week – add in the Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand Palette and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what this week has looked like…

& Other Stories Sale – I’ve been a bit crazy. But it’s the first experience I’ve had with purchasing from & Other Stories online! I love the Fold Over Cream Leather Pouch and matching Card Holder, this Peach Zip Detail Knitted Sweater, and the gorgeous V-Neck Back Top. Now these aren’t actually in the sale, but they’re definitely something I love this week – the elegant Black Ankle Sandals feature an ankle strap with two gilded snap buttons to close and matching mini-pins along the upper side of welt. Beautiful.

Amazon Books – I’ve recently gone wild for books… maybe it’s because my holiday is fast approaching and I’ve been replenishing my reading supplies but, Amazon really is a great place to buy books from! You can get brand new or used copies and all are great quality and cheap too. I’ve recently purchased: The Secret of Scent, #GIRLBOSS, Mad About The Boy and The Fault In Our Stars.

Kale, Apple & Lime Juice – Apple and lime juices blended with apple, kale, and ginger purées and spinach-nettle extract… delicious. Ive been incorporating this into my morning smoothies and it adds a bit of tang which I really like, as well as a heap load of goodness. It’s not as gross as it looks… give it a try!

Summer Shopping – I’ve recently become infatuated with buying things for the summer – and even though I feel like the summer’s nearly over I love perusing the ‘new in’ sections and dreaming of a bottomless purse. One can dream…

My Last Day – Friday was my last day of work and before I head off on my holidays today, and although I’ve managed to maintain regular daily posting thus far, I recon things might start to slip whilst I’m away. Expect at least three posts a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and if I’m feeling particularly creative… maybe more. I’ve worked super hard since finishing Uni in the middle of May and have worked two jobs whilst keeping you lot updated with my day to day ramblings. But, today’s the day… have a great holiday to those of you who are going away too!


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