The Wind Down

Some weeks are just hectic – especially during the summer when I work near enough full-time for one company, whilst doing my bit to keep my hand in with my old barmaid job. Sometimes I just feel run down and tired. I find enough time to fit in writing a few blog posts to keep you all interested and entertained but apart from that, I just feel drained and tired. But I ain’t complaining… I’m just looking forward to a long and lengthy wind down today, my day off. Aren’t they just the best? A chance to organise your thoughts – and you know I love my organising – reminisce, relax and get down in those comfies. Here are some suggestions to take on board if you’re in chillax mode today:

No tech – Sitting in front of a computer screen on your day off just doesn’t cut it for me… I switch off my laptop and any other techy appliance I have and ignore all social media urges to ensure a full relax and wind down is accomplished.

Set the mood – Enter the candles: At the moment my favourite scent indulgence is Jo Malone’s Lavender and Lovage which is just the right balance between fresh and herby and helps me to relax and feel super sleepy. I also like to get my This Workd Deep Sleep Pillow Spray out and spritz it liberally all over myself and any available surface!

PJ time – I’m one of those people who the minute I get through the door have already unbuttoned my jeans and are primed to whip them off. Normal clothes are out of the question and the PJ’s go on. In fact my pyjama drawer is the one that most often needs re-organising for the simple fact that I’ve got so many sleepwear options. Personally I’m a fan of H&M when it comes to the comfies. It’s cheap, washes well and is super soft across the jersey board. My most recent additions are mint green comfies and a ridiculously cliché French Connection #Selfie T-shirt which I loathe myself for buying (but I secretly love – shhhh). Otherwise I just throw on any old t-shirt and comfy trouser option. Don’t forget… hair pineapple is mandatory.

Pamper – Now is not the time to invest in a 30 minute long skincare routine – but popping on a nice moisturising and nourishing face mask is a good place to start. At the moment I am thoroughly in love with the Sisley Express Flower Gel mask, but another option is to layer on the Emma Hardie Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm and let if sit for a while… it does a great job of deeply moisturising the skin and smells divine! If that doesn’t help you to wind down, I don’t quite know what will.

Dream – Now I know that winding down involves not thinking too hard about what’s going on, but it never hurt anyone to dream a little. I often think about my up-and-coming vacation, imagining what it’s going to be like to relax around a pool in 40 degree heat (smothered in SPF – don’t worry!). Failing that, just go to sleep…



  1. This is a great post! It seems like you deserve to have some serious you time! I love that I’m not the only one who could seriously spend all day in PJs :) x

  2. No tech is honestly something I should start doing. Just lying back with a face mask on and a good book without worrying about my blog or facebook or anything… that sounds so free and relaxing! I’m definitely going no tech on my next relaxation day.

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