Diptyque Candles – Are they worth it?

When I discovered beauty blogs, the Diptyque littered photos had me swooning. I’m already attracted to pretty packaging, let alone these little jars of joy. I’m happy to admit that I was able to restrain myself for a solid two years. I even resisted a GWP that contained three of these bad boys. Unsurprisingly I soon fell into the beauty blogger cliché, which I have no problem with. I purchased a Diptyque candle, Diptyque’s Figuier, it was my first, to be exact. And as the crystal-like jar and French inscribed label sat in it’s new place upon my Muji set (yes, another cliché) I felt hungry for more. Enter Roses and Baies. But are they really worth it?

Diptyque pros – both store staff and die-hard fans always say: “They last so long…they fill the room with scent without you lighting them…they’re so amazing.” Well, the first annoying thing is that they do not last long; in fact, they burn quite quickly, and I know this because of the wick. The wick grows like my brother (and he’s slap bang in the middle of puberty) and, since I don’t want soot on my walls, I always have to blow out the flame, cut the wick, and relight it. And another annoying fact is that, despite my efforts… the soot came. Thick and fast, ruining my little pots.

Now that I’ve had it for a month, I’m happy that I’m beginning to reap what I sowed–or, rather, what Diptyque sowed. I’m smelling the pleasant aroma even when it’s not lit, and, therefore, I’m not lighting them as much, thus they’re lasting a little longer.

I’m still up in arms whether I’ll be the repurchaser I wish I could be. I don’t think I could justify buying another for myself, but I’ll, perhaps, stick it on a birthday or Christmas list and hope my family gets the hint.

Nevertheless, while I’m burning it at the moment, the wick still grows to a considerable length in a less than considerable amount of time, and I am annoyingly quite bothered about that.

On the plus side of its quick burn, I will have that empty jar sooner rather than later, which leaves me with the question… what will I store in them?


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