What I Love This Week (6)

NEXT’s Trouser Offerings – These past two weeks I may or may not have purchased 3 pairs of trousers from Next. Don’t judge. One being a pair of jeans (!) which is definitely unexpected, but I love them! The other two are versions of Harem pants which are usually drop crotch and incredibly unflattering, but not these… they clinch in at the waist and hug your bum whilst remaining loose around the legs, therefore not making you resemble MC Hammer. Win.

These trousers are the two comfiest pairs of trousers I own, even comfier than leggings, they offer a bit more modesty, are never see through, and keep their shape. My first purchase of the two was this patterned pair which have flecks of blue through and are ideal for summery days paired with a light cami top or t-shirt. These then sparked the purchase of the black pair which I envisage being my staple trouser option over leggings now. Mother will be happy!

As for the jeans, they’re a relaxed skinny fit which I find entirely more flattering than the skin tight spray on options that are floating around at the moment – they’re not stretchy, so they dont go baggy and loose their shape, and they have nice roll ups at the bottom to make them look a bit more summery. NEXT, top marks.

Please note: I did receive a voucher for my birthday. Purchase justification right there!

Lemon Drizzle Cake – In particular it’s Mary Berrys recepie, kudos to Anna for the lovely video that brought this cake into my life because it’s delicious! The best part is that it isn’t drizzly, it’s crunchy but moist and just utterly yummy. I would definitely advise you to give this recipe a go, whatever the occasion, or for no occasion at all! A slice of this with a cup of earl grey tea equals utter perfection!

ASOS – I’ve found some absolute jems this month, let alone this week from this online retailer. One of which has been my black sandals – let’s just say that these haven’t left my feet since their arrival last week. Another two finds have been in the form of dresses, of which a run down can be found in yesterdays post RE: Wimbledon. One black, one white: nothing out of the ordinary here but they’re both lovely, flattering and perfect for the recent weather we’ve been having. Which leads me to…

The Weather – I wouldn’t have thought this would make an appearence in my weekly run down, but the weather has been seriously good this week. Highs of 26 degrees have been reached and rain has been to a minimum. Perfect for back garden BBQ’s and summer drinks by the river.

Same time next week?


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