Get The Glow

It’s time for all other glow-inducing products in town to bow down because there’s a new skin perfecting dewifying trio in town.

OSKIA Get Up & Glow – This is the first step to achieving a fabulous glow! A lightweight revitalising and energising serum that brightens and enlivens skin. The serum has a pearlescent appearance and looks stunning on the skin. It’s hard to describe, but this is a definite staple in my everyday makeup routine now which means it’s got to be good.

If this is a bit too pricey for you then try the…

DIOR Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer – This little tube houses the most luminous looking liquid I’ve ever seen, it claims to brighten the complexion and create a radiance-enhanced base for the rest of your makeup menu. The pearl liquid creates a luminous finish that foundations sit beautifully on top of or get mixed in with for an oomph-ed up finish. Beautiful.

NARS Sheer Glow –  This stuff vanishes into the skin tocreate a really, really flawless looking complexion. It lasts well, and the shade Santa Fe is a perfect match for me and it just looks natural, letting my natural sheen peek through amping up the glow, while keeping the coverage in place. A glowing, natural radiant finish foundation that evens skin tone and brings the glow.

A glowing look is perfect for the summer and looks good on everyone. If you’re giving the glow a go, try these three to start the ball rolling.


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