Food Findings

We’re hosting a BBQ on Sunday for my birthday and as a result, I’ve been trawling the internet for some tasty foodie things I can make to excite the guests.

Here is a compiled list of all of my favourite places to look for exciting new recipes to engage the tastebuds… *warning: do not visit websites when hungry*

Spoon Fork Bacon – Photographer Teri Lyn Fisher and Le Cordon Bleu graduate, Jenny Park offer up lots of interesting recipes, drinks and pretty pictures. I particularly like the looks of the Coconut Milk Marinated Lamb Kabob recipe and these Shrimp Toast Nuggets look seriously yummy. P.S. check the drinks section out too… very tempting!

Smitten Kitchen – Deb briefly describes her blog as as featuring fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City. I love it! And I love her recipes, this one, this one and this one are exceedingly yummy.

Minimalist Baker – John and Dana are the ultimate dream time, cooking up recipes that require just 10 ingredients or less (sometimes 7), one bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. Perfect.
Have a look at this, this and this to get you started. Delicious.

Mum and I banged our heads together and have decided to make mini slider burgers with cheese, caramelised onions and guacamole as well as grilling some salmon and having a mix of salads on offer. Plus a little spread of nibbles to accompany it all. Hopefully I’ll take some snaps so I can show you next week!


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