What I Love This Week (4)

This week for me has been up and down. I’m battling with some awful illness that’s making me feel tired and down in the dumps – but I’m working through it and am determined not to feel sorry for myself. I kinda expected it to be honest. After running myself into the ground with exams I thought that I might be on the right track for some kind of niggle – this time it’s a cross wit flu and toothache. But on a lighter note, here’s what I’ve been loving this week

eBay –  mother of god, this site is dangerous. I’ve become obsessed with it, selling, buying, watching and searching. Most of the time you’ll find me scrolling through my saved searches that pings up hits from my lusted after items – it’s a great pass time. Seriously. I waste hours on here. But, at the same time, I’ve found some utter bargains – so it’s not to be sniffed at.

Home – I love being home. It’s a comfort thing I guess, but there really is nothing like coming home, back to your old room, and your own bed, and being looked after by your mum. I especially love being around my family, and getting to see them whenever I want. I guess I didn’t realise that I was such a home bird.

Running – Now, if you’d have asked me a year ago, I would’ve said that this was a swearword.  But shockingly, over the past few weeks, I have been known to actually go out running. Now, nothing major might I add. Just the odd mile here or there to improve the fitness levels – the verdict? I have actually been enjoying it. I like feeling active, and having the enthusiasm to get out and do something, and I like to see an improvement. When I first started I would get halfway out the door and want to turn straight back round again, but now… I can do a solid mile (without stopping) and feel… tired. But good! I’m not going to pretend that I’m some avid runner that will be able to run miles and miles at my own leisure. It’s just never going to happen. But what I can do is share my own personal and very novice experiences and hopefully offer some support for others trying to get into a bit of exercise!

Boots – I find summer footwear a problem. I like to wear shoes with good support so that my feet don’t hurt, but with summer offerings, that’s sometimes a mean feat. This year I’ve been loving wearing boots, nothing knew high or PVC (get your minds out of the gutter!) – just little suede ankle boots – not exactly summer appropriate. But I may have found some boots that fit the summer bill. Shelly’s London Chanrut Suede Cut Beige Ankle Boots from ASOS just spoke to me whilst browsing the site a few days ago. They’re nude and chic and have a cute little cut out at the back adding a little bit of sex appeal to the shoe (what am I saying?! It’s just a heel). But honestly, these shoes are lovely – the perfect addition to any outfit, rain or shine.

Tanning – Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face – £19 – A touch of added colour just evens out my skintone, makes me feel much more comfortable about that bare-faced chic look and generally makes me look healthier. My facial tanner of choice is the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Lotion for Face but I’m also a major fan of Decléor Aroma Sun Expert Self-Tanning Milk Natural Glow for Face and Body (what a name.)  No funky smells, sticky texture or the fear of being orange – I don’t have a bad word to say about them. Expect a review around these parts soon-ish.

A much more lifestyle orientated set weekly loves rattling around this week but what can I say… same time next week? 


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