Are you a NARSissist?

A NARSissist is “someone who lives by their own rules, isn’t afraid to express themselves in every look, mood, or attitude, and has a bottomless makeup bag” – at least according to NARS anyway!

A NARSissist has become more than a little twitter handle for these limited edition palettes… it now represents everything the founder Francois Nars stands for with regards to experimenting with colour and taking makeup risks whilst identifying your true signature style. This limited-edition NARSissist eyeshadow palette fits this philosophy.

Now first… please take a few minutes to soak in the absolute beauty of this 15 shades strong palette all of which easily turn from day to night. It’s just small enough to be travel friendly and has a huuuge mirror. The shade range includes nudes, browns, greys and blacks, all of which are fantastically pigmented, blendable and don’t crease. Some of the darker shades can be used as eyeliners or crease shades too and they’re all complimentary for every eye colour.

There is limited fallout with these shades which is hard to find with powder shadows. It’s an all-round winner, bringing together the highlights of the range in their kick-ass, drop-out free, creamy formula. The best bit? At £50, it’s just under the price of three NARS Single Eyeshadows. It’s all gooood.

And guess what? If you follow each row from left to right you get a 5 strong ready made, beautifully coordinated smokey eye look. But on the whole, there are no limitations to this palette. As a true NARSissist you should all be willing to experiment with the different shade combinations this palette has to offer.

The stand-out shades for me? Ashes to Ashes, a shimmery lilac taupe, Bali, a mid-tone matte brown, Nepal, a shimmery All That Glitters-type shade and Mekong, a gold flecked deep brown. The only drawback is the smallness of the actual shadow pans; not so good for big blending brushes but.. it’s bareable.

So what do you think? A pricey offering, but a good one none the less!


Beautiful enough to be framed? I think so.



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