What I Love This Week (3)

VDM 10 Weekend Travel Essentials – I’ve called on this post this weekend for my trip up to Durham and boy is it a good’un. Top marks to Anna! This streamlined packing essential breakdown is just what you need to make sure your travelling beauty stash isn’t back breaking. The boy always tells me off for bringing too much stuff. Not this time!

Essie Button Vlogs – An instant pick me up! I love watching Esteé, Aslan and Reggie’s regular video’s, they give me great ideas of what to get up to when i’m in London! As well as major house envy! Esteé’s chipper personality and love of all things beauty is a fantastic combination for a relaxing day filled with viewing of all of her recent videos. Some days you just can’t prise the laptop off’a me!

Clean and Lean Pancakes – Mentioned in my post here these clean and lean pancakes with low fat greek yoghurt, sliced banana, raspberries and flaked almonds have been my go to breakfast/lunch selection for the whole week. I just can’t get enough of ‘em.

Chelsea Flower Show – Look a those beautiful flowers! The Royal Horticultural Societies Chelsea Flower Show ran this year from the 20th – 24th May and the gardens and exhibits were just fantastic. The whole place smells unbelievable! The heavy scent of damp grass and moss mingling with the smell of beautifully sweet flowers is only what I could imagine paradise smells of.

NARS Red Square – A beautiful orangey-red thats hardly left my lips all week. An instant pick me up, face brightener, teeth whitener in one. Love it.

White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Clif Bars – These are great! Perfect for throwing in your bag for an on-the-go snack. Filling and delicious all in one little bar.

Finishing Exams(!)*cue cheers and cries of happiness* They’ve finished! For the best part of the week I’ve felt exhausted and drained, but I think I may finally be getting my mojo back. I’ve spent a long time tackling the exams and assignments but for now… there’s nothing but a long sweet summer to look forward to.


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