The Game Changers

I suffer terribly with super frizzy hair. I tend to have a halo of frizz that stands about an inch from my head at all times – this only gets worse with humidity.

Although I’ve tried many smoothing and anti-frizz products nothing has ever really worked. The closest I get to a frizz free barnet is when I use the moroccanoil to smooth down all the flyaways – but sometimes things can look a bit greasy.

But I think I’ve finally found something that fights the frizz like no other… the TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Hair Shampoo and Conditioner duo.

Infused with Keratin – which is a family of fibrous structural proteins forming the key structural component of hair and nails, and made with lower sulphates the shampoo gently cleanses the hair whilst helping to maintain the hairs quality and texture. The conditioner acts in the same way and helps to lock in moisture within the hair and keep frizz at bay.

This revolutionary product duo even lasts through washes. It’s amazing! And the results are unbelievable. After using the shampoo and conditioner for 7 days now I can see the results are like no other. I have visibly reduced frizz and my hair is silky smooth.

There’s also a 7 Day Heat Activated Treatment that is used in conjunction with a hairdryer and straighteners to ensure super smoothness and less frizz.

If you’re a frizz sufferer like me then give this a go, you’ll love the results!



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