The Budget Palettes

Make Up Academy or MUA is a budget friendly makeup line that is available from Superdrug. I can’t say I’ve ever tried anything from this line before, but a recent browse in my local store left me grinning from ear to ear, clutching two brand spanking new palettes.

The Black One
MUA Eyeshadow Palette – Heaven and Earth – £4.00 (YES! Thats a 4!) A 12 shade strong beautiful earth tone palette that ranges from a yellow toned pearl to a deep plum brown. The best thing about this palette is not only the shade range, but the pigmentation and longevity of the shadows. The only downside is that there aren’t any matte shades for those days when a sparkle isn’t needed. Beware, a primer is a must for these shadows, as they have a tendency to crease. But, all in all, this palette offers enough brown/gold shades for you to shake a stick at, a nude lovers best friend on a budget.

The White One
MUA Eyeshaddow Palette – Undress Me Too – £4.00 – A stripped back nude palette that, on face value, ticks all of the boxes (there are matte shades too!). Wink (bottom row, fourth across) and Dreamy (top row, far right) are my favourite shades! Strangely the shadows in this palette don’t seem as pigmented as the ones in the palette above, but they’re fine for occasional wear, or if you’re prepared to keep touching up the colour.

In terms of a budget friendly eyeshadow palette alternative MUA has got it covered.


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