Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Be it cereal, pancakes or a big juicy fry up – take me out for breakfast and baby i’m yours. Being a student, I’ve not got the budget for a great whoping breakfast every day but… I do like to branch out from the usual porridge route now and again. So today, it was a smoothie.

A smoothie was my choice for today as I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry – which is shocking for me. But this is the one for all the non-breakfast lovers out there that want something filling, but low maintenance.

I’ve recently refined my smoothie making technique to include a more healthier plethora of ingredients – so here it goes…

You will need: 250ml Coconut Water (I recommend: Vita Coco 100% Pure), 100g Mixed Frozen Fruit, 1 Banana, 1tbsp Low Fat Greek Yoghurt = 198 kcal
Pop all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth, decant into your cup and drink up. If you need something that will keep you fuller for longer then add in a tablespoon of rolled oats.

Mix it up with different types of frozen fruit to keep it interesting, I particularly like mango and banana at the moment.

Have you guys got any alternative breakfast ideas up your sleeves?


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